Meet Ivan Jefferies. Ivan, now 39 years old, has been in the radio business since the early 1980's. Ivan always had a love for pirate radio. He started pirate radio in 1985 with RNI's Johnny Lightning. We always joked around with him. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to take it! Ivan was always the head of all of our jokes. He is the kind of guy that you just have to make fun of. Ivan is an Ivan. There is only one Ivan and that's it!  Back in 1987, Ivan was involved with Radio New York International, a radio ship in Long Island. That lasted just about 5 days before the FCC came and put Ivan Jefferies in hand cuffs! Since then, Ivan couldn't be involved in pirate radio. Ivan comes over to the Alan Sane studio to free-load and use Alan Sane's computer!
Meet Ivan Jefferies
Ivan Jefferies
Some pictures of Ivan Jefferies
Last updated: April 19, 2014
All of us are wishing Ivan a speedy recovery
Little Ivan!!