It all began in December of 1986. I had just met Johnny Lightning from RNI "Radio NewYork International". It was at this time I walked into the studio and saw Ivan Jefferies. He was sitting on a green chair at the back of the studio drinking a cherry Coke. Not knowing who he was, we shook hands and introduced ourselves. I knew of him, but had never actually met the man. At this time I had begun my pirate radio station WMAD in Brooklyn. At this point in time he asked me if he could participate in my radio program.  I felt sorry for him and didn't have a problem with that since he was a friend of Johnny Lightning. On January 9th, 1987 Ivan  joined  the radio show. From the moment he came into the studio, he wouldn't keep quiet! At this point I wasn't certain as to whose show it was! However, I didn't really mind. He really loved doing shows on my station. The calls were coming in fast and furious as we were  taking song requests and conversing with the callers. The listeners liked Ivan because he  was an oddball character.  The listeners thought he was both comical and amusing.  It was at this point in the history of radio broadcasting that I began insulting Mr. Jefferies - just as I do now on WBCQ. The very next Friday  Ivan was doing my radio show. I looked out my window, only to see Ivan sitting on the steps, in the pouring rain, in front of the studio. I said to myself, "Oh no!" Ivan liked doing shows on WMAD so much he soon wouldn't even ask to come over, he just came! He was the official uninvited guest! At this point I knew I couldn't get rid of him - he'd finally found a home! Consequently, I  made a different type of show. I made it a very funny and insulting show, which everyone liked - including Ivan! There were times when Ivan wouldn't stop talking; so I had no choice but to evict him from the studio! This routine continued for approximately 2 years until a radioship on Long Island powered up. The FCC then raided the radioship. Because of this precarious situation which had developed all pirate radio stations could no longer broadcast. Ivan was involved in that bust, but was soon released - even the FCC didn't want him!  However, he was ordered by the FCC to stay clear of the radio microphone!. We both stayed off the air waves.   We, however, went to  various radio related events and places, and did several radio productions.  We are currently on WBCQ Shortwave Radio 7.415.
How Alan Sane met Ivan Jefferies