Johnny Lightning
The Johnny Lightning studio
Johnny Lightning at the controls
The new Johnny Lightning studio!
Johnny Lightning at the Mic.
Nice pose JL
Johnny Lightning with Alan Sane
Johnny Lightning working very hard!
John Lightning with WFUN's Joe at the controls
Who was JL talking to?
Hello Mister L

Johnny Lightning studio video
Pic's from around the Johnny Lightning studio!!!
Johnny Lighting's closet! .
Johnny Lightning's book library!
Johnny Lightning's fire place
Johnny Lightning's kitchen sink!
Johnny Lightning's kitchen nook
Johnny Lighting's wine rack
Johnny Lighting's front of studio!
Johnny Lightning's street
Johnny Lighting's tree
Johnny Lighting's door handle! Used to get into the studio!
Johnny Lighting's stove
Johnny Lighning's yard shed
Johnny Lightning's Bar-B-Q
Johnny Lightning's glove
Johnny Lighting's stairs!.
Johnny Lighting's hide out!
Johnny Lighting's garden hose
Johnny Lighning's air conditioner
Johnny Lightning's candle
Johnny Lightning's bed
This leaf hit Johnny Lightning on the shoulder while he was cooking in the back yard!
Johnny Lightning's lamp
Pic's of Johnny Lightning from the 1980's
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In the office upstairs
January 9th 1987.
YOUTUBE videos
All pictures taken
by Alan Sane