Some more pic's of Alan Sane and beyond
Alan Sane at Mars 2110 restaurant.
Alan Sane with Jim Nazium
Alan Sane at Perkin's restaurant in Pennsylvania
At BBQ's with Charles, me, Juliet, Anna and Shon
Alan Sane in the studio
Alan Sane with brother Jack Hammer
Alan Sane in Pennslvania.
Alan Sane posing for his new CD
Alan Sane getting ready for a drive to Kay's pizza
Another cd pose
Taken in Wildwood, New Jersey
Taken in Wildwood, New Jersey.
My trip to San Francisco
Taken in Wildwood, New jersey
Ooop's, taken in Eagle Lake Pennsylvania
Alan Sane with Chief Engineer Chris Tobin
18th ave feast..I had a 102 fever and didnt know it.
At the transit museum in Brooklyn,ny
In New Jersey waiting a the Filipino show to start
On my way to see American Idol in concert
At Mars 2110 restaurant in Manhattan
On the "N" train with my cousin Lorraine
Looking at a real bird in Long Island,NY.
Angelica, Juliet and me in Manhattan
Alan Sane in Eagle Lake Pennssylvania
Alan Sane at Kay's pizza in Gouldsboro,pa