Salamanda was born on August 27th 1951. Back in the 80's, Sal traveled throughout Europe and much of the good ol' U.S.A.  He has also lived in Denmark and in California. He is what you call a "travelin' man"! Sal has a love of folk music, including such artisits as  Phil Ochs, Joan Baez, Jonie Mitchel, and Peter Paul and Mary. Salamanda came to WMAD in 1986. He was one of  kind. Nobody did radio like that, or at least that I know of! Not even on pirate radio!  He is still traveling around. Sal recently returned from England, Scotland, Denmark, and California.  Sal is now a retired teacher after 30 years in teaching. Sal is living in the Bensonhurst section on Brooklyn, New York.
The one and only Salamanda!
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Salamanda joins Alan Sane on the internet!
Alan Sane and Salamanda!
A younger Salamanda!
Salamanda - taken on 12-17-05